Insurance and Benefits Verification

Most insurance companies are allowing telemental health for therapy, however, it is advised you contact them prior to making these appt to insure that is covered and if so how.

Many insurance companies have a deductible. A deductible is an amount you are required to pay, before your health insurance will pay a portion.

Example: John Doe has ABC insurance through his employer. His benefits have a $1,000 deductible, this means John must pay for his healthcare costs until he has met this amount. After that, his insurance company will cover a portion or all of this.

Some companies may just require copays for mental health services. This seems to be particularly true for Fed government employees and military insurance as of right now.

To find out your benefits, look on the back of your card, contact customer service and ask to verify benefits information. Once there, ask about deductibles, behavioral health benefits, copays, telehealth, and coverage once your deductible is met (if you have one).

I recommend this for any type of healthcare visit to any provider so you are not later surprised by a cost of treatment.

If you have any billing questions about your bill, or need to get up to date on your bill, please contact Shannon at 816-944-1697 (you can also text this number). Please be sure to leave your name and number so she can return your call.

If you desire a copy of your statement, please advise Shannon or I, as these are sent out bi-monthly.

If your insurance coverage or situation changes, please let Shannon or myself know when this occurs, so we can come up with a plan to help you remain in care if needed.

Shannon and I are happy to walk you through the benefits process. I can also have benefits checked prior to appt if needed. Sometimes these benefits checks are not 100% accurate, this is something that is occurring on your insurance end.


Sarah West-Effland, LCSW, Owner

Shannon, Admin Assistant